Navy Blue Tie Set - Morgan

$99.00 AUD

Are you new to the work force and looking to buy your first tie? Or maybe it's just time to replace that drab old navy tie you've been hanging onto for five years too long.

No matter your motive, Morgan is the tie set you simply must have. Next to a solid black tie, a navy blue tie is your most versatile option. Whether you are getting married or preparing for a job interview. If you aren't sure what tie matches your suit, Morgan is always a safe option. No one has ever said, "i'm not sure if that navy tie works with your suit", ever. 

Paired with the ever versatile white pocket square along with silver accessories, this tie set is for every man.


  • 100% Navy Blue Silk Tie
  • White Pocket Square
  • Silver Bear Lapel Pin
  • Silver Tie Bar
  • Felt and Silver Cufflinks

Style Advice:

This tie set works well with any suit.


Our hand-made products are 100% Australian owned and designed.

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