Vernon - Striped Green Tie Set

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Tired of looking at all of the blues, purples and greys on your tie hanger? It's time to go green...

Forget about your hang-ups, the Vernon tie set is about to change them all. A must have for all men, this tie is versatility in a box. He may stand out, but there is no denying he looks extremely professional in doing so.


  • 100% Silk, Striped Green Tie
  • 100% Silk, Green Patterned Pocket Square
  • Silver Pineapple Lapel Pin
  •  Silver, Jewel Encrusted Tie Clip
  • Silver And Black Cufflinks

Style Advice:

This tie set works in any combination, but our favourite is a light grey suit to let the deep greens really stand out and do their thing. 


Our products are 100% Australian owned and designed.


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