5 times an 18 year old has shown us how to dress!

Stephen Kay, at just 18 he is already touted as Australia's next big menswear fashion influencer and for good reason. Not only does he have an impeccable eye for detail, can piece together a suit better than most middle aged men and write a mean blog article, but he is also a genuinely nice guy. Brands are flocking to him and middle aged men are turning to him for style guidance and advice.

Below is five times he has shown us how to dress.

A classic navy blazer and brown tie

Photo Credit: @mr_nl     www.thetiecollective.com.au

Photo Credit: @mr_nl     www.thetiecollective.com.au


A camel blazar to repel the summer heat

Photo Credit: @tri.edition    www.thetiecollective.com.au


A classic navy jacket with a grey vest

Photo Credit: @marroniphoto    www.thetiecollective.com.au


Green velvet tuxedo with a classic black bow tie

Photo Credit: @tri.edition    www.thetiecollective.com.au


Light grey suit with highlighted red details

 Photo Credit: @kayzar     www.thetiecollective.com.au