The Tie Collective - Reflecting on our first year

On the eve of our first birthday, Chris and I sit back and reflect on the whirl wind that was. 

As many are aware, we began this journey as two individuals with very little business experience, but plenty of blind faith and optimism. We always new our business was addressing a hole in the menswear sector that was waiting to be filled, but we had no idea just how many hurdles we would need to overcome to do so, many of which we still face today!

What began as a subscription business, offering men, just like Chris and myself, a way to purchase a good quality tie set without having to worry about the monotonous task of pairing items, has turned into a simple store, addressing the same issue, but offering individual sales.

Not many men enjoy (or have any clue what they are doing) shopping for suiting accessories. More to the point, none of us overly enjoy trolling through the thousands of options to figure out what matches best and doesn't cost an absolute fortune. After all, shopping is hardly a past time enjoyed by the typical Aussie bloke, we like beers and footy!

Chris and I spent many days pondering how best to tackle this problem and many more months tinkering with the final product. We've put ourselves through many tough (and often expensive) lessons grappling the world of ecommerce. Given ourselves many-a-crash courses in Facebook and Google advertising. Made a myriad of wholesale contacts around Australia and the world and even taken a trip to the south of China (which involved a lot of banquets and beer, they clearly did their research on Australians). We've formed partnerships with existing businesses in Australia. Attended more events than we can count and formed partnerships with bloggers and influencers the world over. We've even hired our first employee Alex to assist as a wedding consultant!

There is little doubt our entrance into the realm of ecommerce was an absolute blast and has taught us a huge amount of lessons, in an extremely short period of time. 

We have both been overwhelmed with the amount of support and encouragement we have received along the way and thank each and every one of you. A special mention goes out to our girlfriends, Kate and Sophia and both set's of parents, who have shown us nothing but support and helped wherever they can.

As we look to the coming year, we have a whole new perspective on what it means to run an online business, along with a new respect for what is involved. 

The challenges we have faced have been many, but the results are appearing and the general reaction to our product is amazement. Chris and I have little doubt that what we have created is an absolutely top level product, now we need to show Australia and the world. The Tie Collective is here to stay!

We are both very much looking forward to many more late nights and hard learnt lessons. Because this is, after all, the most exciting part, overcoming hurdles and facing new challenges every day, this is the journey Chris and I both love.