How to find the perfect gift for a man

It’s no secret, buying a present that your man genuinely loves is no easy task. He might tell you he loves that new shirt you bought him and although he actually does look great in it, you know he isn’t excited by it.


Men are a tough bunch, we tell you that they don’t mind what you get them, or even that you shouldn’t buy us a present. But when it comes to the crunch, we are secretly hoping you will get us something we love. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have the ability to communicate what that may be to members of the opposite sex, or anyone really, in fact, it’s entirely possible we have no idea ourselves.

The question playing on every girlfriend, mother and wife’s mind is, what can I get him that he will use more than once and actually enjoy?

Well ladies, fear not, as someone with plenty of experience on life as a male, I am here to answer all of your questions. Or at least, I think I am…

Us males are a practical bunch, you’ve probably noticed that around dates like Christmas and birthdays, the men in the family seem to come up with extremely obscure gifts that any normal person would think insane. I will use my father as an example, he bought my girlfriend an electric razor for Christmas. Now, if you’re a male, you’re probably thinking, that’s a great gift, if you’re a female however, that probably says something like….did he think she was too hairy? What is his angle here? I can't believe he would do such a thing!

For the record, the answer is no, he did not, nor was there any angle at play. He simply saw something which simplified things and handed over the money. You see, this is about as deep as the male brain goes without overheating. A blessing and a curse.

Now, at this point, you’re probably all having a bit of a giggle, but does this really help you in solving the mystery? Probably not, but I do hope it has given you some quality insight into how our minds work, or at least, get by.

Let me reroute your brain for a minute to think like a man. His issues are all down to practicality and mechanical actions. There is something broken, it needs to be fixed. The grass is long, it needs trimming. The beer is warm, it needs to cool down. My girlfriend is mad, I'll just go to the shed.

It’s fairly simple right? The most important thing to do when buying your man a gift is to keep things as simple and practical as possible. If he needs to think about the meaning or thoughtfulness of your gift, he will most likely just nod and smile before putting it in the back of the closet. If it is easy to use and he can see the benefit straight away, you’ve got yourself a winner.

You might now be wandering how this all ties in to our set's (see what i did there). Well our tie sets are a little different. They allow a man not to think. That’s the key remember. If your man wears a tie to work, or you have an event coming up where he needs to look his best, then a tie set which doesn’t require thinking is ideal. You see, every item in our set is matched to work perfectly with the other items. We will even tell him what colour suit to wear. So all you need to do is choose him a box you love and all he needs to do is tie it. Which he should have covered.

So if you’re struggling to find your man the “perfect” (most practical, simple) gift, then look no further. Because if it’s easy, it’s good.