Not just a young man's tie set

Chris and I have recently had the pleasure of helping a few more “distinguished” men, piece together outfits for some special occasions, ranging from weddings and engagement parties to race days and even a school reunion. This got us thinking, are we really selling tie sets? Or are we in fact selling something more?

So we set about getting in contact with a few of these customers to find out why they came to us for advice and what it felt like to wear something they would normally walk past in the shopping centre.

What we found was both surprising and uplifting, leaving us both with huge smiles and the warm fuzzies we all like to feel.

The collective response from these men was that wearing these items brought them a lot of compliments, a lot of wows and in one case even some tears of joy from a very happy daughter on her big day.

Eric was so pleased with his first set he came back for a second time. This time he even managed to win fashions on the field!


One of our favourite stories was from Eric, who purchased one of our original tie set's for a school reunion at a country race day. He was so pleased with the reaction that he came back for a second and this time entered fashions on the field, of which he won! Not bad for a bloke who normally wear stubbies and a polo. 

We were also fortunate enough to speak to one customer, who wore one of our sets to his daughters wedding. We won't give too much away because this is a whole post unto itself, but let's just say there were many tears of joy as a result. More on this to come!

Because of these reactions Chris and I are going on a mission. We plan to find the jeans and shirt guys and help them transform for special occasions. Bringing them confidence and their loved ones joy. So, if you know someone with an event coming up who could use a little help, we want to hear from you.