As men, we watch our fashion taste and understanding evolve as we grow older. A greater understanding of what dress standard is acceptable at certain events is something which comes with age and not something drummed into us as children.

This gradual understanding leads us from having one outfit for all events to an outfit for each event. Unfortunately, for most men, the process of actually going to a store and trying on each of these items and figuring out what works with what is not always considered fun. In fact, for the vast majority of males, this process is a considerable bugbear. We would much rather not waste time piecing together outfits for certain events. Although we understand the necessity, it does not make the task any less tedious.

Caption: Ladies day at the races? This will get you some brownie points. 

So what is the answer?

It’s fairly simple really, you purchase a set of accessories which can be used in multiple combinations for multiple occasions. A set which includes a tie, pocket square, lapel pin, cufflinks and tie bar.

You may not wear all of these items all the time, but the combinations are endless (120 if my grade 8 maths serves correctly). Going to wedding? Wear the lot. Attending a business meeting? The tie and tie bar will do. Heading out to a dinner date after work? Shed the tie and just wear the pocket square.

Caption: How many combinations can you make out?

The combinations go on for almost every occasion and by having two or three boxes in your wardrobe you can increase these combinations even further. The best part about these boxes is that you know they work together. Each box has been individually curated and works in any combination. There is combinations for those who like to stand out and for those who like to blend in. How you wear it, that’s up to you. Pick and choose items based on the event, choosing what to wear is easier than you think if everything is already matched for you.

That’s the beauty of our boxes. Ease of use, endless possibilities and guaranteed satisfaction.

Why are you still waiting?